Nursery Walls Set #10 - Basics + Triangles

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I made these walls a long time ago, and it's still a favourite. I made them with nurseries in mind. But obviously they can be used in any room. I've used them in living rooms, kitchens, kids rooms, you name it.

This is set #10. In this set there are 12 walls. There are 2 patterned walls in here (with triangles), and 10 plain ones. Though all the walls have a subtle stripe in it, for the texture. All the walls have a white kick.

There will be plenty more Nursery Walls Sets in the future. You should be able to see the related Nursery themed items below.

There are 10 colour schemes in total (so far), and each colour scheme has a variety of designs to choose from. All the varieties of a particular number match really well too.

I'll also be adding matching furniture and floors in the future. But I figured I should probably start doing the walls first.

I hope you guys enjoy these walls!

To install, download the ZIP file and then extract the contents into the Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.

If you use them, feel free to share photos with me! You can tag me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you use them in a video I'd love to see that too!