Simpedia: Spore Creatures (mobile)


Spore Creatures for iPhone and iPod Touch

CREATE. EXPLORE. EVOLVE. The SPORE Creatures are out of the ooze and onto solid ground in the sequel to the award-winning SPORE Origins.

Customize your creature with body parts nested inside the Spore Creature Creator. There are over a billion possible combinations! Traverse 20 levels across 4 sprawling zones. Socialize or attack creature herds. Collect DNA to evolve, and max out 5 Abilities to build a survival skill-set.

SPORE Creatures from EA Mobile. It's an all-new adventure!



  • Explore 20 levels across 4 unique zones populated with species, environmental obstacles and creatures
  • Customize your SporeTM Creature with parts inside the SporeTM Creature Creator
  • Interact with creatures by socializing or attacking
  • Discover and collect parts in the game world to build your offense, defense,
  • movement and social abilities
  • Evolve your Spore Creature in earning DNA by eating, socializing, and fighting epic creatures



Spore Creatures for mobile phones

YOUR SPORE CREATURES ARE BACK AND MORE EVOLVED THAN EVER! This innovative sequel to EA's award-winning Spore Origins has emerged from the ooze and onto solid ground. Pick up where you left off in an all-new mobile phone game. Attack or befriend other creatures and explore 12 exciting new levels. Collect body parts and adapt yourself to complete challenges. Modify your creature with the Creature Creator to optimize its evolution and take it to the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN!



  • 5 interactive Zones
  • 9 Creatures and 1 Epic Boss
  • 9 puzzle-style environmental obstacles to overcome
  • Discover & collect hidden Creature parts
  • Customize you Creature to survive on land with the Creature Creator
  • Earn DNA to evolve by befriending or attacking other creatures, eating and fighting Epic Bosses
  • Acquire special and active abilities

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