Man is 3 jaar bezig om naar "the end" van Minecraft te lopen

maandag, januari 27, 2014 - 09:33

The New Yorker has a great interview with Kurt J. Mac, a man who is trying to walk to this point, the end of Minecraft's world. He started his quest in March 2011, and is still going.

There's a place in Minecraft called the Far Lands. It's the point where the game's code, which builds each world procedurally, starts to collapse under the weight of its own sums, breaks apart and glitches out.

The sad/amazing part is that we know how far away the Far Lands are, at least in Kurt's build of the game (newer versions of the game have had the "feature" removed). From the point at which you start your game, they're 12,000km away. In his three years of walking, Kurt has travelled 700km. He' some walking ahead of him.

Zo kun je natuurlijk ook je dagen doorbrengen...

Lees derest van het artikel op Kotaku, of ga direct naar de New Yorker voor het interview!