Nieuwsarchief - 2001

Kleine opmerking: Ik ben op het moment druk aan het werk aan de nieuwe site. Ik wil de site echter niet helemaal offline halen, dus je kunt alles nog gewoon bekijken. Maar de werkzaamheden kunnen er wel voor zorgen dat sommige pagina's er een beetje raar uitzien. Het zal niet heel lang meer duren. Happy

This week, the topic is body meshes. We love to hear your thoughts and wishes concerning The Sims! What kind of bodies or clothes do you want to create that you don't have the right mesh for? Please respond by going to the BBS and post in the Suggest A Topic section.

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Welcome to the Web site for The Sims Online, Will Wright's massively multiplayer online version of The Sims that's coming in 2002. We'll be updating this site with all the newest info, links to press articles, budding fan sites, and quite possibly a few surprises, so check back soon.

Having trouble with your Sims? Slow performance got you down? Now you can find the answers to all those pesky problems in our updated HELP area.

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Getting 'Astronomical' land values isn't easy. Take a look at our new 'How to Increase Land Value' article in the Tips and Tricks section.

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Vraag je je weleens af wat je Sims proberen te zeggen? Nou op deze SimDay gaan we jou in het Simlish laten zingen. Download de muziek en zing mee met de lyrics van een van onze House Party kampvuurliedjes. Je zult binnen no time Simlish spreken!

And who said work can't be fun...? Of course there is some serious work to be done, but you'll have fun doing it. Maxis is looking for experienced technical people to play a key role in the design and implementation of EA's new online and next generation products. If you're a senior server or test/quality engineer and want to hear more...

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Thanks for all the great entries in the House Party contest! Our judges are hard at work choosing a winner from all the party stories!

We have had several new Building Architect Plus (BAP) fan sites pop-up over the last few months. These sites are dedicated to teaching people how to make great buildings with BAP and provide their own work for you to download. Check them out in the BAP Fansite Exchange area and you could find some awesome new buildings for your next city.

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This week, two party hosts improve their storytelling skills and stir up the dead. Check it out!

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Don't forget -- just one week left to submit your entries for our House Party Album contest!

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